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Greenland's Self Government had nominated Greenlandic Inuit drum songs to be listed in Unesco World Heritage list.

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Now my cd is avalible and you have the opportunity to order it at info@hivshu.com.

I appriciate your support to pass on the heritage to the descendants of my ancestors. Thank you!

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The drum is our consciousness and port to the Universe


I was born in 1956, raised up among the traditional Inughuit hunters in the northermost village in the World, Siorapaluk, Greenland. I inherit the wisdom of Inughuit through the traditional storytelling and traditional drum songs.

Former Inughuit hunter. Keeper of native Arctic Inughuit heritage,

native ancient stories & songs.

“We live only in the mercy of our ancestors!”



Native Inughuit traditions & culture

Native stories & ancient songs

Inughuit’s life and connection with the nature

Shamans and their life connecting three universes/dimensions


Inugtut · Kalaallisut · Danish ·Swedish · English 


Inughuit Native traditional songs are inherit and pass on through generations to generations for several of ten thousands of years. The songs believed to be coming from the universe as “our ancestors fall from heaven.” The songs in the CD are Shaman songs, healing songs and expressions of one’s own statement. As several levels of universes exist at the same time the songs are sung with different “harmonic” tones and grounding with one tone to get back to the Earth level.

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                                                        The songs

1. My tail between my legs /3.06               

2. Appreciation song/ 3.47                         

3. Journey of Shaman/4.15

4. Kâlarhuak The Great Shaman/2.54

5. Cleansing song/4.36

6. Shaman K´âvigánguak/2.48

7. Avikínguak Shaman song/3.55

8. My two helpers/2.37

9. King Eider - dance song/3.00

10. I am not like other people/3.00

11. Waiting for Ukûtak/5.30

12. Heritage song of Shaman/3.01

13. Where is she/4.14

14. Calling for ancestors/5.21

15. Birth mantra/8.39

16. Healing dance/2.03

17. Want to see my grandchildren/3.10

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