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My first album is now avaiable and you have the opportunity to order it at

I appriciate your support to pass on the heritage to the descendants of my ancestors. Thank you!

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These songs have been passed on through generations for several thousands of years. 

Inughuit Native traditional songs are inherit and pass on through generations to generations for several of ten thousands of years. They are believed to be coming from the universe as “our ancestors fall from heaven.”


The songs in the CD are Shaman songs, healing songs and expressions of one’s own statement. As several levels of universes exist at the same time the songs are sung with different “harmonic” tones and grounding with one tone to get back to the Earth level.

The songs

  1. My tail between my legs /3.06 

  2. Appreciation song/ 3.47

  3. Journey of Shaman/4.15

  4. Kâlarhuak The Great Shaman/2.54

  5. Cleansing song/4.36

  6. Shaman K´âvigánguak/2.48

  7. Avikínguak Shaman song/3.55

  8. My two helpers/2.37

  9. King Eider - dance song/3.00

10. I am not like other people/3.00

11. Waiting for Ukûtak/5.30

12. Heritage song of Shaman/3.01

13. Where is she/4.14

14. Calling for ancestors/5.21

15. Birth mantra/8.39

16. Healing dance/2.03

17. Want to see my grandchildren/3.10


The book is in Kalaallisut: “Siuleqatussuagut angakkuligartalissuit” and in Danish version: “Vores forfædre med Shamaner”. No English version yet.

The voice of our ancestors is present, and it is important that we listen and learn from it. In the Inuit society, it was necessary to be aware of the wisdom of the ancestors to survive in the harsh Arctic environment where a mistake could be fatal. The book is about the life of the Inuit’s, their culture and traditions stemming from the ancestors, which have been passed down from generation to generation. The drum song and the old stories are the foundation of the Inuit's life, as is the presence of the Shamanistic tradition which are more secret.

The contents of the book is mostly focusing on the life of Shamans of Inughuit and their wisdom as much as about the Inughuit Nations perception of life:

Everything is life, Life is all!

The book released by: Maanuup Atuakkiorfia.

The book costs 24 euro + shipping and you can order it from

You will be directed to PayPal for payment and will recive the book by mail.


The Prize of the Pole

Three men and their life-long attempts to reconcile the opposing cultural ties within them. The story unfolds in the tension between Robert E. Peary, the American who spent 23 years among the polar Eskimos in order to conquer the North Pole, and Minik, the sole survivor out of six Eskimos, who were put on the New York exhibition in 1897 by Peary.

In the film's contemporary scenes, the young polar Eskimo Robert E. Peary II, a great-grandchild of the Arctic explorer, goes on an expedition into his ancestors' past, which takes him from Greenland to America. It changes Robert's view on himself and his family history forever.

—  Staffan Julén

2008 Best Expedition Film at the Explorers Club Film Festival

Amnesty Award, 2007 Copenhagen Dox Festival

2007 DocAviv International Documentary Festival

2007 Planete Doc Review International Festival

2007 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival

2006 Odense International Documentary Film Festival

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