During some time, we are contacted by people that have been misled in their ambition to contact Hivshu. They have been led behind the light to follow Hivshu on "his" Website, Facebook, Instagram, VK and YouTube and many others where they believe the connection is real. But it is not!... His name and brand - has been couped and used on fake profiles all over social medias! We want you to pay attention to it and the ONLY media used and belonging to real Hivshu in addition to this website are these profiles:

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Dogsledge in Arctic
Greenlandic dogs
Uanga qajartortunganauk/Hivshu hunting
Iceberg on the way to Igdluluarhuit.

Everything is life,

Life is all!

We live only in the mercy of our ancestors!

Hivshu (the name means The Voice of Arctic) the Inuit of Inughuit nation situated in the northenmost natural settlement of the whole world - Siorapaluk, Greenland. The last people you meet before the North Pole.

Hivshu is the line of great hunters and shamans he inherited from his elders to pass on to the next generation. He is author, storyteller and drumsinger, raised up as a hunter and keeper of Inughuit heritage. He portrays life and the native Inuit wisdom and worldview, the ancient traditions and social values of the Arctic.

Descendant of native Arctic Inughuit heritage caretakers and keepers of native ancient stories & songs.

I inherit the wisdom of Inughuit through the traditional storytelling and traditional drum songs.

Now sharing my experiences with the rest of the world!

I welcome you to the Universe of an Arctic man!





Honourable Inuit drumsongs is now in UNESCO world heritage. Some of many Inughuit songs you can listen are in the YouTube channel of Hivshu. You can subscribe, like and share.

You can listen to the songs in the streaming music platforms.

Inuiaat Inuit inngerutaat ataqqinartut UNESCOmi ataqqiniarneqarlutik nunarsuarmioqataasut kingornussaattut akunerineqarput.

Inughuit inngerutaasa ilamerngit tusarnaarneqarsinnaapput YouTube-mi Hivshu-p Channel-iani.

Malinnaaffigisinnaavatit (Subscribe), nuannarinninnissinnaallutit (like) nassiussorsinnaallugillu nalunngisanut (share).

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Video conference about climate and globalization

Hivshu will participate in a video conference with the theme of climate and globalization. You can listen to it through the youtube channel AudaxEditrice


Why are we here?

What does it mean to be alive together at this moment? And how can we be fully present to all that is being asked of us and offered to us?

Join us for our Rise Up To Reawaken discussion, with Tamsin Omond, Chris Salisbury, Zoe Palmer, Hivshu Peary hosted by Amisha Ghadiali.

In this discussion we will explore ways we can rise up to reawaken our understanding of our own presence, reawaken our bodies and our senses, reawaken our emotions and feelings that have been dulled and denied, and reawaken our intrinsic, loving instincts.

How will this greater presence shift our perspectives on our lives and our futures?

  • Sunday, November 7, 2021
  • 3:00 PM 4:30 PM




Hivshu visiting Czech Republic late October.

We are pleased to announce that Hivshu will be visiting the Czech Republic from
23 Oct - 5 Nov. A program will be presented shortly. You will also find information at Nusta  and

ProbuzeneCesko.cz as soon as the dates are set! 

Podcast interview with Hivshu

In the podcast ”Visdomsjakten” you can listening to a recorded interview made by Josefine Thureson Kämpe where Hivshu talks about the life in Arctic, about Inuit peoples’ worldview, wisdom and traditions, about their view on nature and the human journey as a process. He also talks about their stories how universe come to be, their songs, elders, and ancestors, what it means to be a shaman and why we, as humans, are here on earth. He also talks about his opinion on the modern way of life in Europe, religion, and our consciousness. On top on that, you can hear some beautiful singing. Enjoy!






Have a good summer solstice!

Inuit the Arctic People do not have any word for war. The translated the colonist’s word for war as "the crazy man's work" or "insanity of the mind of a man". The so-called civilization is not civilized when they cannot even communicate to keep the life of many and for the peace. Let the Arctic be a non-military site where the peace and comfort for peaceful people can be lived. кilaut that means the consciousness - the Inuit drum - is the way to communicate to solve any problems. A drum and song to express the deepest part of human expression.

The drum gathered people on celebration of the star constellations that told people that the light was returning. These days were the most important celebration – not the summer solstice when in the Arctic there’s sun 24 hrs. for four months.

Have a good celebration!



Inuiaat inuit issittormiut nunasisut aporaattarnerminni annerunniunnerminnilu toqooraattarnerat oqaatsiminni isummaminnilu piginnginnamikku “sorsuttunik” nutsersimavaat. ‘Sorsuttut’ nagguvigaalu “iliuseqapilullutik paatsiveersussimasut”. Inuiaat taamaattut ileqqorissaartuunngillat paaseqatigiinniarlutilluunniit angusaqarsinnaanngitsut eqqissisimaneq annerutillugu isumaqannginnamik.

Issittormiut inuuffigisaat sakkutuulersorfiunanilu sorsunniarnermi sakkulersorfiusussaanngitsutut inuiaat kikkulluunniit eqqissisimaffiattut ataqqineqartariaqarpoq. Inuiaat tamarmik akaareqatigiillutik eqqissinartumi inooqatigiissinnaanngorlugit.

Qilaat tassaavoq inuup qilaa sianissusialu – qilak – tassaavoq inuiaat inuit ilorpiaminni misigissuserminnik anersaartorfiat aammali nuannaarniutitut nuannaarsaqatigiinermi aliikkusersuutaat.

Tamanna pingaartumik nalliuttorsiorfissuarminni “Aassuutik” pamisserfianni nalliuttorsiorsuaatigisarsimavaat katersuuffigalugulu qilaat. Qanga ullortuneqanngillat, seqernup kaaviinnarfiani inuugamik.




Roger Fishman

Conservation International - Artists for Nature


Now this amazing video is relesed! We are proud and grateful of the collaboration between Hivshu, Roger Fishman https://www.rogerfishman.com and the worldwide environmental organization; Conservation International - Artists for Nature https://www.conservation.org/video/artists-for-nature

Roger Fishman has made this absolutely amazing video to Hivshu’s song “Healing Dance”.  




Magnetic North: Voices from the Indigenous Arctic



”But perhaps, the highlight of this, virtual artistic happening is Hivshu’s singing and musings on indigenous life. Edited over the vast expanse of the arctic tundra, technology enables us to see the practice of ‘Yoik’ in action; we are given the chance to see, hear and feel Hivshu’ s voice spiritually resonating with the subject it is singing about, just as we would if we were around a fire with them.”

Hivshu's new book in the bookshelf 15th October. 

Hivshu - Promoting his books in human kind language that everybody understands.....

The book released by:

Maanuup Atuakkiorfia.

Hivshu - Promoting his books English subtitles

The book costs 30 euro + shipping and you can also order it from info@hivshu.com

You will be directed to PayPal for payment and will receive the book by mail.

2020-08 -07

Hivshu channel on YouTube!

I have now public YouTube channel that shows some of my work. By time there will be more to come.

Please subscribe to support my work.


Now available for streaming!

My album - The Voice of Arctic - is now available for streaming on all digital platforms! The music expresses traditional native Inughuit drum song. The songs are Shaman songs, healing songs, cleansing songs and expression of one´s own statement. As several levels of universes exist at the same time, the song sung with different “harmonic” tones and grounding with one tone to get back to the level on earth.


The CD was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Roman Ferianc www.thisiskevin.org. The cover was designed by Jana Šouflova www.maffet.cz.

You can now stream my music on:

Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Instagram/Facebook, Google Play/YouTube, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, iTunes, KKBox, Napster, NetEase (beta), Pandora, Saavn, Spotify, Tidal, and TikTok/Resso


Shamans and fake Shamans

Inughuit technology was and is Angákulik. Angákulik means the one with ancestors. He or she is the one who is connected to his/her ancestors. The New Age call a Shaman. Pronounces Shah-man – not Sheiman or Sha-maan. Depending on the level of the angákulik people could experience their ancestors and confirmed their origin. Sure, not everybody understood the work of an angákulik when...    Read more

Hivshu, with his dogs- Foto:National geographic