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Dogsledge in Arctic
Greenlandic dogs
Uanga qajartortunganauk/Hivshu hunting
Iceberg on the way to Igdluluarhuit.


Everything is life,

Life is all!

We live only in the mercy of our ancestors!

Hivshu (the name means The Voice of Arctic) the Inuit of Inughuit nation situated in the northenmost natural settlement of the whole world - Siorapaluk, Greenland. The last people you meet before the North Pole.

Hivshu is the line of great hunters and shamans he inherited from his elders to pass on to the next generation. He is author, storyteller and drumsinger, raised up as a hunter and keeper of Inughuit heritage. He portrays life and the native Inuit wisdom and worldview, the ancient traditions and social values of the Arctic.

Keeper of native Arctic Inughuit heritage, native ancient stories & songs.

I inherit the wisdom of Inughuit through the traditional storytelling and traditional drum songs.

Now sharing my experiences with the rest of the world!

I welcome you to the Universe of an Arctic man!


Hivshu will participate on an online event from British Museum, London

"Magnetic North: Voices from the Indigenous Arctic".

This is an online live-streamed event hosted on YouTube for free on the 3 December. Read more and book at British Museum 


Hivshu's new book in the bookshelf 15th October. 

Hivshu - Promoting his books in human kind language that everybody understands.....

The book released by:

Maanuup Atuakkiorfia.

Hivshu - Promoting his books English subtitles

The book costs 30 euro + shipping and you can also order it from

You will be directed to PayPal for payment and will recive the book by mail.

2020-08 -07

Hivshu channel on YouTube!

I have now public YouTube channel that shows some of my work. By time there will be more to come.

Please subscribe to support my work.


Now available for streaming!

My album - The Voice of Arctic - is now available for streaming on all digital platforms! The music expresses traditional native Inughuit drum song. The songs are Shaman songs, healing songs, cleansing songs and expression of one´s own statement. As several levels of universes exist at the same time, the song sung with different “harmonic” tones and grounding with one tone to get back to the level on earth.


The CD was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Roman Ferianc The cover was designed by Jana Šouflova

You can now stream my music on:

Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Instagram/Facebook, Google Play/YouTube, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, iTunes, KKBox, Napster, NetEase (beta), Pandora, Saavn, Spotify, Tidal, and TikTok/Resso


Shamans and fake Shamans

Inughuit technology was and is Angákulik. Angákulik means the one with ancestors. He or she is the one who is connected to his/her ancestors. The New Age call a Shaman. Pronounces Shah-man – not Sheiman or Sha-maan. Depending on the level of the angákulik people could experience their ancestors and confirmed their origin. Sure, not everybody understood the work of an angákulik when...    Read more

Hivshu, with his dogs- Foto:National geographic

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