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During some time, we are contacted by people that have been misled in their ambition to contact Hivshu. They have been led behind the light to follow Hivshu on "his" Website, Facebook, Instagram, VK and YouTube and many others where they believe the connection is real. But it is not!... His name and brand - has been couped and used on fake profiles all over social medias! We want you to pay attention to it and the ONLY media used and belonging to real Hivshu in addition to this website are these profiles:

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Hivshu - foto Galya Morrell
Foto - Aerut Kristiansen
Foto - Hans Jensen
Hivshu - foto Galya Morrell
Hivshu - foto Hans Jensen
Hivshu - foto Hans Jensen
Dog in Qaanaaq
Iceberg in Qaanaaq
Uanga qajartortunganauk

Everything is life,

Life is all!

We live only in the mercy of our ancestors!

Hivshu (the name means The Voice of Arctic) the Inuit of Inughuit nation situated in the northenmost natural settlement of the whole world - Siorapaluk, Greenland. The last people you meet before the North Pole.

Hivshu is the line of great hunters and shamans he inherited from his elders to pass on to the next generation. He is author, storyteller and drumsinger, raised up as a hunter and keeper of Inughuit heritage. He portrays life and the native Inuit wisdom and worldview, the ancient traditions and social values of the Arctic.

Descendant of native Arctic Inughuit heritage caretakers and keepers of native ancient stories & songs.

I inherit the wisdom of Inughuit through the traditional storytelling and traditional drum songs.

Now sharing my experiences with the rest of the world!

I welcome you to the Universe of an Arctic man!


New music with Curawaka!


Hivshu is singing on the song Aunali (track 10) together with his dear friend Anna Bariyani. Enjoy!

New book in Danish!

I forfædrenes Ånd

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