It is not the way of the western culture to understand Inuit drum as they understand their own drum: the conductor of the music. And the anthropologists interpretation are not either correct! The anthropologists observation and then their conclusion is based on their culture and background to compare the way inuit use their drum and songs. And that lead to the big misunderstanding of the Inuit way of life and how the Inuit understands the life. The way the inuit К'ilaut is made – from the beginning – is to be connected to the ancestors and descendants; especially to be connected to the creation of the Creator.

The vision of a Shaman the fellow hunters followed to catch a certain animal in a certain place at a certain time. And from the side bones of that animal and stomach skin it is made a K'ilaut (the drum). K'ilaut means the consciousness and an opener to the heaven of the consciousness. When it is used in proper way it opens your “heaven” to be connected to your ancestors and descendants as there is not time existing but the life of everything and life is all!

Our ancestors and descendants are the creators of all the moons and planets but all the universe and other universes are created by the Creator. That is why you have to be connected to your ancestors and descendants to be connected to the Creator – you all call the God. And that is why it is very important to build a “drum” in a certain way to be able to use it as a connector – to open the heart, mind and spirit. Your ancestors and your descendants are guiding you through the visions to build a K'ilaut to be connected to guide the living beings on the Earth (all and everything are living beings on the Earth: plants, animals, the air, the fire, the earth, the water etc.)

The drumming is the heart talking and the songs are from the universe giving to you to be connected to your ancestors and descendants who are more close to the Creator. The drum and the songs are your “shelters” to be able to travel all over the universes where no time and distance exist – only life.

Inuit call the skin of the drum “an eye” – the collector of all information and visions. Of course you don’t always understand the information and it is better to be observant and listener instead of interpreting the information. Until you understand the information you tell – not before than that. When you interpret you may be wrong and misinterpret the information – it happens often as we think and see with human made values mind and thinking. We often need the control instead of being an observant and listener and try to dictate people into our power and values. This is dangerous! When this mind only destroy life and control the human mind – only to benefit of our values and mind not to the benefit of life.

The K'ilaut is guiding us to guide the life of beings – when they ask to be guided. The guidance is not about where the Shaman is but where the human mind is … and not pulling the human mind into you, as the human mind needs its process to be able to grow and prepare for its able to go on and take its own step …

Everybody is part of life and very important part of life to be the part of the creation – even the Shamans are “normal” people but with a certain task. Everybody is important to our ancestors and descendants as they are born to give their descendants to live the life to give their process a change to grow. With this you give a life a chance to be better – not only for beings on the Earth but also in our own galaxy and universe.

We are here on this Earth to believe in life not in the human made values!

Greenland's Self Government had nominated Greenlandic Inuit drum songs to be listed in Unesco World Heritage list. Read my thoughts about it here